About the event

We humans like stories, and the best ones are told by friends or family at night around the campfire. Though enhanced by the passage of time, the individual or the circumstance of the event create the legend. That person becomes immortal, the myth and the legend can live forever. We all know a legend or two. Ask me about my Grandfather, his survival of world war two was miraculous. 

The story behind Legends Never Die, began in 2020. The lockdowns during covid-19 were difficult to deal with. Running became an excellent outlet for recreational therapy!

I wanted to create a challenging event with that ideology in mind. I think anyone can become “a bit of a legend”. You don’t have to be a superhero or conquer the world. It all starts by having the courage to take the first step and inspiring others with the art of movement. 

Legends Never Die is a Half Marathon and Full Marathon held on the beautiful single trails near Sun Valley Idaho.

Thomas Smiley

Race Director

Thomas is very passionate about trail running, he has finished multiple ultra marathons including the IMTUF 100 miler. Originally from New Zealand he now lives in Ketchum with his family.